Watch: Funny or Die Slays Offensive Anti-Abortion Video

Come seethe with graceful lady rage!

Last month, an anti-abortion group called Heroic Media crafted a vile (if well-produced) YouTube video called "The Apology." According to Heroic Media's site, t

"[A]n international, faith-based, non-profit organization that utilizes media to connect women with hopeful alternatives to abortion and build a culture of Life." 

​Which is a fancy way to say "emotional bullies."

True to fashion, Heroic Media produced a YouTube video featuring three men discussing "their" abortions. Far from a gender-defying immaculate conception, these men were referring to abortions their partners got. You know, not them. Anyway, the film runs four minutes. The dudes apologize to the fetuses. They admit to the wrongs of their youth. The camera even zooms in for close-ups at particularly passionate moments. 

Because this is the Internet, a solid retort was (fortunately) just a video shoot away. Now, Funny Or Die has set the record straight with its take: "Sorry." Instead of three men, we now see three women apologizing to YouTube viewers. "I'm sorry," they say, "that that video exists." The apologies continue, ranging from serious to silly. 

Funny or Die FTW.

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