Would YOU Let BJ's Name Your Baby?

What would you do for $10,000? Think about that for a second. You could travel the world. You could buy, like, half of a (cheap) car. You could pay one month's rent on a closet-like bedroom in San Francisco. 

Now, would you name your baby "Quinoa" for $10,000? Yeah? Well, golly gosh, you're in luck! BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse will reward one person $10,000 in restaurant gift cards as a thank-you for naming their spawn after an overpriced grain. (Did we say "money"? Sorry, we meant a year's supply of mall meals.)

The contest comes on the heels of the restaurant’s unveiling of two new quinoa bowls on its EnLIGHTened menu. Under the conditions, the contestant must show proof that they legally named their newborn Quinoa (as a first name) until Labor Day. The name cannot be changed. Those who don't want to subject their children to national ridicule can instead change their own name to Quinoa, and enter to win $10 coupons

“We are so excited to introduce these amazing new Quinoa Bowls that we wanted to do something big, maybe even a little crazy,” said BJ’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Mayer in a press release. “At the end of the day, we think Quinoa could be a great baby name. And who knows? Maybe it will start a trend.”

Start a trend? Here’s hoping it doesn’t. Plus, should we really be taking baby-name advice from a restaurant that shares its name with a sex act? 

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