Yet Another Reason To Stop Eating Hershey's . . .

As anyone who's ever had decent chocolate can tell you, Hershey's is garbage. Its only purpose in our mouths is to accompany toasted marshmallows and graham crackers over a roaring campfire. 

Perhaps Hershey's is aware of their lackluster quality, cuz the company had British chocolates banned in the U.S. No really. Hershey's struck some sort of shady deal with Let's Buy British Imports to forbid the sales of Cadbury chocolates (plus Toffee Crisps, Yorkie bars, and British Kit-Kats) in good ol' America. Though American-made Cadbury will still be sold, the original British creations will not. 

The threat seems ultimately to be in the recipe; Brit chocolates list milk/cream as the first ingredient, while 'Murica places sugar in the top coveted nutrition spot. (Figures . . .) 

In conclusion, I say: storm the troops! Fire the cannons! Fight for our chocolate!! 


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