This You-Tuber Comes Out To His Little Brother; His Reaction Requires Tissues

image credit: Oliver Potter via YouTube

image credit: Oliver Potter via YouTube

Today in Things Kids Understand That Most Adults Never Will: Vlogger, Oliver Potter's five-year-old brother, Alfie. 

Oliver came out as gay to Alfie during a YouTube video recording. And the world wept.

Here you go (and again, grab the tissue, it's a theme this week):

On his YouTube channel, Oliver says, "So the time has come to tell my brother the truth about me. It's when he talks about adoption that melts my heart the most."

Alfie's response was simple, "If you marry a man it's going to be so cool!" And in regards to adoption, "If you get a baby, it's the one who got lost." This makes me think of our own Rav staffer, Nicole, and her wife, Jess, who got their lost baby girl just last year. 


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It also makes me think of the simplicity of a child's mind. 

A few weeks ago, Ella and Max (my 5-and 6-year-olds) were in the bath together. We were talking about penises and vulvas (as in, don't touch your brother's because it's not yours). Ella remarked that she was glad she had a vulva and not a penis. And then she blew my mind with a thing I didn't even know she understood. 

"Not all girls have vulvas and not all boys have penises. But I have a vulva which is good because I don't want a penis."


File under: Kids are fundamentally better than most adults. 

I've watched this video of Oliver and Alfie three times now. 

Love is love is love.

image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

I think I have some dust in my eye. 



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