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Jenni Berrett is a freelance writer and Ravishly's features editor/resident Potterhead. Her work focuses primarily on disability, feminist pop culture criticism, lady writers, and mental health. In her free time, she loves to nap, beg her cat for attention, and work on her Animal Crossing town. She's a Taurus, in case you were wondering. Even more importantly, she is a Hufflepuff, and is therefore unafraid of toil and a rather excellent off-the-cuff GIF-finder. You can find more of her work on her website:

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"That’s the great thing about books where the world ends: you can close them and look up to see a world that miraculously managed not to end while you were busy reading."

Apocalypse Not Yet: Books About The End Of The World That Make It Feel Worth Saving

That’s the great thing about books where the world ends: you can close them and look up to see a world that miraculously managed not to end while you were busy reading. You can hop back into the fray of that still-turning, still-suffering world and maybe make... Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   05.19.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
It starts like an itch. Something feels wrong, and I need to make it right again.

What I Wish Other People Knew About OCD

OCD is tailor-made for iceberg metaphors.
Jenni Berrett   |   05.17.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

Myisha Battle: Sex Coach & Proponent Of Masturbation As A Form Of Resistance

In addition to being a professional sex coach, Myisha is also the host of “Down For Whatever,” a podcast that explores any and every aspect of human sexuality.
Jenni Berrett   |   05.17.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
Music is a way to connect, a way to heal... a way of life, even.

On Using Music To Manage Mental Illness

Even when he was trying his very hardest not to survive, my Dad still gave himself music. And somewhere along the way, he gave it to me too.
Jenni Berrett   |   05.10.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

How OCD Has Shaped My Relationship With Food

I struggle to find language that describes the messy tangle of thoughts and memories that weigh down every spoonful. If I had to tell you about my relationship with food in a sentence: I am totally and completely obsessed with it.
Jenni Berrett   |   05.2.17 10:57pm   |   SHARE
"Talking about mental health is a big part of my job, but that doesn’t make my own mental illness any less personal."

Why I Won't Stop Writing About My Mental Illness

I didn't fall in love with John Green’s writing the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once. I fell in love with it the way you pass out during a particularly nasty panic attack: all at once and then all at once.
Jenni Berrett   |   04.26.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
EMDR has become an essential part of my trauma recovery.

Be The Person You Needed: My Experience With EMDR Therapy (So Far)

EMDR is the most compassionate and empowering therapy I have ever undergone.
Jenni Berrett   |   04.12.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
What does "high functioning" even mean?

I'm Tired Of Being "High Functioning"

It’s supposed to imply that I can do a lot of stuff even while I’m sick, but what it actually means is “not dying yet.” Because that is the actual definition of functioning: existing. Breathing in and out, eating, talking, and — especially if you live in... Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   04.5.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

I Honestly Don't Know Where I Would Be Without Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is familiar and cozy and something I can let myself fall into completely. Having it on is like a constant, hilarious lullaby — one that I fall asleep to more often than not.
Jenni Berrett   |   03.28.17 7:33pm   |   SHARE

It's OK To Be A Liability: Mental Illness And The Fear Of Being "Too Much"

My biggest fear is being too much.
Jenni Berrett   |   03.22.17 12:01am   |   SHARE