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Jess writes about Politics and Education, with the occasional foray into Culture (mostly of the Pop and book-ish variety). She has a regular column at The Good Men Project, and is a sometime contributor to Elite Daily. Loves: Flannery O'Connor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Colombia. Loathes: Mayonnaise and hypocrisy.

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As the New York Times’ just-happened interview with Trump shows, the guy remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer.

Trump's NYT Interview: Twitter Cannot Even With Trump's Hot Mess Of Answers

Trump’s ability to kick it with top-notch op-ed crews is just nonexistent. As the New York Times’ interview with Trump shows, the man remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer. And Twitter's had a hey-day with his responses.
Jess Lahitou   |   07.19.17 11:05pm   |   SHARE
Given their unfair and potentially exploitative access to the personal life details of millions of voters, in an ideal world, social media tycoons wouldn’t run at all. (Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck)

Is The Next President Coming Out Of Silicon Valley?

Americans deserve to vote without being unwittingly “nudged,” “tweaked,” or otherwise manipulated by those with the most power and most incentive to do so. Ergo, any candidate from Silicon Valley needs to be treated with an excess of skepticism.
Jess Lahitou   |   07.13.17 9:25am   |   SHARE
By appealing to a particular brand of “true Texan,”certain Republicans managed to move the party from its business-oriented, pragmatic red-state vibe to a social cause-focused, fundamentalist new version of itself.

Is America's Future Really Texas?

Wright’s argument is that the way super conservative Texas Republicans have taken control of the political agenda could replicate itself on the national scale.
Jess Lahitou   |   07.6.17 7:44am   |   SHARE
Here are just a few ways we’re striving for something approaching enjoyment during the hot, humid, bug-y months of late June, July, and August. (Image Credit: Instagram/jaxjones)

#RavsRecs: Summer SAD Begone! Top Picks For Summer Playlists, Events, Baking Goals & Binge Watching

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder is actually a thing, and so here are just a few ways we’re striving for something approaching enjoyment during the hot, humid, bug-y months of late June, July, and August.
Jess Lahitou   |   06.29.17 10:41am   |   SHARE
Democrats need a unified, coherent message. They need to be about something more than a scattered smattering of talking points and focus group issues. They need a big idea. (Image Credit: Instagram/jonossoff)

Why Did Jon Ossoff Lose? Blame The Message & The Messenger

Ossoff’s accomplishments make for an impressive resume, but did he make sense as a winning candidate in this election, which was — like all politics — local? Besides this refusal to engage with reality in choosing candidates, a major and oft-ignored problem... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   06.21.17 6:56am   |   SHARE
When Comey answers questions on the Senate floor, the revelations could be as oh-no-he-didn't scandalous as anything the regular soap lineup has on offer.

The Old & The Feckless: Why James Comey’s Senate Testimony Will Play Like A Daytime Soap

Trump can't barge onto the Senate floor and order everyone out. He can't shove aside or slap James Comey around. This is a venue in which Trump has no power except to watch and tweet, which could defs yield a feast of daytime drama, but is useless against... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   06.7.17 10:07am   |   SHARE
#Covfefe might have been an act of seeming idiocy done on purpose.

Covfefe: A Nonsense Word That Reveals How Trump Plays The Media (And The People)

The point of the "covfefe" explosion is that if the media doesn’t stop flying off the wall every time Trump does or says something ludicrous, then we’ll just keep sucking the oxygen out of the stories that matter.
Jess Lahitou   |   05.31.17 12:42pm   |   SHARE
Rafael voted for Trump, and he still supports the man. It's a testament to my isolated bubble that I had no idea how to respond. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

A Trump Voter At My Kitchen Table

The topic of Trump came up, and Rafael was immediately and vocally enthusiastic. But when he asked me why I didn’t like Trump, the collective weight of all the reasons crushed my brain, and I murmured, “Where to start?” He didn't wait for me to organize my... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   05.24.17 1:00pm   |   SHARE
Republican backers of Trump need to decide now when and how they would act to preserve our democracy against an erratic and dangerous executive. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Time To Ask Trump Supporters: Where's Your Line?

There are some questions Trump supporters need to ask themselves now, or forever discard their claim on autonomous free thinking: is there a line, where is the line, and what will you do if he finally crosses it?
Jess Lahitou   |   05.11.17 6:57am   |   SHARE
Clinton still thinks she's not really the reason she lost. Blame goes to Russia, James Comey, and misogyny in general. But is that fair? (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Hillary Clinton Blames James Comey, Russia, Misogyny - But What About Herself?

What would behoove Dems is to stop casting about for a reason Clinton lost, and look at the candidate. She lost to the least liked candidate in modern American history. Russia and James Comey alone can't explain that outcome.
Jess Lahitou   |   05.3.17 7:04am   |   SHARE