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Jess writes about Politics and Education, with the occasional foray into Culture (mostly of the Pop and book-ish variety). She has a regular column at The Good Men Project, and is a sometime contributor to Elite Daily. Loves: Flannery O'Connor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Colombia. Loathes: Mayonnaise and hypocrisy.

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Rafael voted for Trump, and he still supports the man. It's a testament to my isolated bubble that I had no idea how to respond. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

A Trump Voter At My Kitchen Table

The topic of Trump came up, and Rafael was immediately and vocally enthusiastic. But when he asked me why I didn’t like Trump, the collective weight of all the reasons crushed my brain, and I murmured, “Where to start?” He didn't wait for me to organize my... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   05.24.17 1:00pm   |   SHARE
Republican backers of Trump need to decide now when and how they would act to preserve our democracy against an erratic and dangerous executive. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Time To Ask Trump Supporters: Where's Your Line?

There are some questions Trump supporters need to ask themselves now, or forever discard their claim on autonomous free thinking: is there a line, where is the line, and what will you do if he finally crosses it?
Jess Lahitou   |   05.11.17 6:57am   |   SHARE
Clinton still thinks she's not really the reason she lost. Blame goes to Russia, James Comey, and misogyny in general. But is that fair? (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Hillary Clinton Blames James Comey, Russia, Misogyny - But What About Herself?

What would behoove Dems is to stop casting about for a reason Clinton lost, and look at the candidate. She lost to the least liked candidate in modern American history. Russia and James Comey alone can't explain that outcome.
Jess Lahitou   |   05.3.17 7:04am   |   SHARE
Image via Youtube (Fox News Insider)

The 'Complicated' Sexism Of Donald Trump

Nothing about his sexism is complicated. Right? According to election results, wrong.
Jess Lahitou   |   04.26.17 7:31am   |   SHARE
Jon Ossoff is trying to #flipthe6th by winning as a Democrat. Celebs can help by shutting up. (Image Credit: Instagram/jonosstoff)

If Hollywood Really Wants To Help Jon Ossoff, They Should Be Quiet Now

Democrats and Hollywood. Hollywood and Democrats. The two have shared a locked embrace for decades, fawning with delight and admiration, one over the other. Hollywood is cool. Of course. Celebrities are gorgeous, they’re filthy rich, they’re smooth-talking... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   04.19.17 10:10am   |   SHARE
Image:YouTube/ CBS News

Sean Spicer's Bumbling Anti-Semitism Is Appalling & Dangerous

Let’s break this down for Spicer.
Jess Lahitou   |   04.12.17 4:47am   |   SHARE
Maybe it's not sexy or trendy, but foreign policy has life or death consequences for people all over the world. (Image Credit: Shaker Bison)

This Is Why Foreign Policy Matters

That’s what Syria is — our morally bankrupt foreign policy, impossible to escape, impossible to fix.
Jess Lahitou   |   04.5.17 11:06am   |   SHARE
Pharmaceutical companies, like tobacco companies, are in the business of making a profit.

Big Pharma & Big Tobacco: A Tale Of Two Deadly Scandals

Is there a difference between what the cigs biz did back in the 1950s and ‘60s and the way present-day pharmaceutical companies have aggressively marketed opioids like OxyContin?
Jess Lahitou   |   03.31.17 8:18am   |   SHARE
Why are female-voiced bots responding so passively - or even gratefully - to sexual harassment?

Sexism Programmed Into Bots Like Siri? Yeah, It's True

Digital assistants such as Siri are not people. Yet, the way these female-voiced bots are programmed to react when being sexualized or sexually harassed paints a pretty bleak picture of how Silicon Valley organizes its values.
Jess Lahitou   |   03.22.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
"Wayne Tracker" was Rex Tillerson's alias email account while he served as CEO of Exxon Mobil.

"Wayne Tracker:" Cowboy GPS OR Exxon Mobil Alias For U.S. Secretary Of State?

Wayne Tracker. When I first came across this made-up alias, it didn’t speak to me like someone’s first and last name. I read it instead as a job description. Imagine: a discombobulated actor playing Cowboy 3 escapes off some western set, wanders onto a Hunger... Read...
Jess Lahitou   |   03.15.17 12:01am   |   SHARE