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Bold & Naked Studio Yoga: It’s Real, It's Here, It's A TERRIBLE IDEA

Naked yoga would be great for someone who is 20 and didn’t breastfeed for 10 years, one whose breasts retain their youthful gravity defying vigor.
joni edelman   |   03.29.17 10:13am   |   SHARE
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As My Fifth Child Turns Five

The fifth birthday is a big deal. Five is kindergarten. It is reading and writing and riding your bike without training wheels. Five is the first milestone after the first birthday.
joni edelman   |   03.26.17 9:12pm   |   SHARE
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Well Whaddya Know, Lena Dunham Lost Weight And People Don't Like It

It looks like Lena Dunham has lost some weight, perhaps even a lot of weight?
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Fancy Feast — The Fat Burlesque Performer

Fancy Feast, The Fat Burlesque Performer: A (Super Awesome & Babely) Film By Leon Chase

Fancy Feast is smart, funny, entertaining, and gorgeous. I don't have anything else to say.
joni edelman   |   03.23.17 11:02am   |   SHARE
Chances are, you actually DON'T know how to raise their kid better than they do.

Judge Other Mothers And The Universe WILL Slap You Right In Your Face

By the time he was two, I was ready to give him to my sister-in-law.
joni edelman   |   03.23.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

We Can Talk About Being Too Thin; Why Can't We Talk About Being Too Fat?

As soon as we change the subject from thin to fat, we change the conversation from concern to hostility.
joni edelman   |   03.20.17 12:03pm   |   SHARE
ModCloth + Walmart = SADS

Walmart Buys ModCloth; My Heart Breaks Into A Trillion Tiny Capitalist Pieces

It's sort of hypocritical for me to be pissed at Walmart, but I swore off fast fashion at the beginning of the year, and I haven't even bought one t-shirt at Target so I'm basically a philanthropist now.
joni edelman   |   03.17.17 11:11am   |   SHARE
Look at this: they managed PIN that hacked McDonald's tweet!

Genius Hacker Tweets What We Are All Thinking (But From McDonald's Twitter Account)

Look, I'm not saying McDonald's did this themselves, I'm just saying, a lot of the people that work there probably agree.
Joni Edelman   |   03.16.17 10:06am   |   SHARE
sad, blind dog

You Have A Partner, So Why Are You Still Doing So Much Of The Work?

This labor, the work of being a female, has been our work so long that no one really knows what a truly equally yoked household looks like.
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Tired Of The Same 5 Dinners? Here Are 19 New Ones.

Cooking in my house is like a science experiment that ends with either A. me winning the Bocuse D'Or Culinary Competition or B. everyone crying like the dining room is on fire. My repertoire is limited to the seven things I know everyone will eat without... Read...
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