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beautiful photo by Staci Sheets, beautiful body by Tara Baker

Faced With A Preventative Mastectomy, This Woman Celebrates Her Body With An Incredible Photo Shoot

I admit, I am partial. Not only do I know the woman in these photos, Tara, I also know Staci, the woman who took these photos.  I've known Staci since I was 11 (so, a long long time). I met Tara when we both worked as Registered Nurses at our local hospice.... Read...
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Sex Drive Dead? Here Are 5 Ways To Bring It Back To Life

My favorite thing about being mentally ill, aside from the random emotional lability and people never taking you seriously because you're “crazy,” is the medication. Zoloft. Xanax.
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image credit: Pentatonix YouTube

The Pentatonix Sing Hallelujah, And I Sob Like A Baby

My oldest kid text messaged me at 4:39 PM, "Go watch Pentatonix, "Hallelujah." Now." It's 4:44 PM. That is how important this video is. I need to tell you about it RIGHT NOW. In case you aren't familiar with Pentatonix, I'm sorry you've been living in a... Read...
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image credit: Jade Beall

The People Of The Dakota Pipeline Peacefully Protest #NoDAPL: A Photo Essay By Jade Beall

I've been friends with Jade on Facebook for a year or so now. I became acquainted with her through her gorgeous photography of mothers, and fell only further into adoration as I saw all of the beauty that Jade captures, and that she herself possess. One of... Read...
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Exhausted Parents, Rejoice: Let Your Baby Watch TV! The AAP SAID IT'S OK!

In today's HAAHHAAH We Weren't Listening-to-You-Stupid-Pediatricians-Anyway, news: The American Academy of Pediatrics has revised its "no screen-time for kids under 2" rule, to be something more like, "OK FINE. No screens under 18 months but those months... Read...
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True compassion isn’t borne out pity, it’s borne out of a genuine desire to empower individuals, societies, to achieve their highest potential, their peace.

How To Survive This Election When You Disagree With People You Love

We are 17 days from the election. There is no amount of Facebook unfriending that is going to make you not related to your Fox-News-addicted Uncle Jeff. Your father will still be your father, whether he votes for Donald Trump or Santa Claus. In the zen... Read...
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Joni's Favorite Things!

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image credit: Staci Sheets

How To Talk To Boys About Talking About Girls

I just listened to my four and six year-old children (one boy, one girl) have a lengthy bathtime conversation about babies, growing up, monster trucks, Donald Trump, and vulvas.  I think the days of the combined bath may be short. Also, I think the election... Read...
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image credit: Staci Sheets

 The Things I Didn't Know About My Rainbow Baby

A year and a half later, in 1995, I would give birth to my first living child — the child that the world considered my first child, that is really my second child. No one used the term “Rainbow Baby” in 1995; the designation didn’t exist. Even if it had, I... Read...
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On Politics, Sadness, And Kittens: A Letter From The Editor

My Dear Ravishers, The world is a shitshow. No, seriously. Our upcoming presidential election has become a source of stress and anxiety for America, add to that every country watching America make a fool of itself. We are seeing history unfold in a most... Read...
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