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Don't Tell Me You're OK, When You Are Definitely Not OK

If we aren’t going to be honest about how we really are, why are we asking?
joni edelman   |   02.23.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
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Katy Perry Drops "Chained To The Rhythm" Video; America Feels Pretty Stupid

Welcome to Oblivia folks.
joni edelman   |   02.21.17 11:00am   |   SHARE
image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

Set Point Weight: What Is It? How Do I Change It?

You didn't fail the diet; the diet failed you.
joni edelman   |   02.20.17 11:32am   |   SHARE
"I eventually wrap it around my index finger, count to three, and pull."

My IUD Made Me Crazy, So I Pulled It Out Myself

At this point, the only thing this stupid IUDemon has going for it is the amenorrhea — which is NOT enough.
joni edelman   |   02.16.17 10:09am   |   SHARE

The Obesity Code: Your Fat Is Not Your Fault.

Here’s the dilemma I find myself facing pretty much every time I think about fat/weight/diabetes/bullshit sold to us by the media/mostly Weight Watchers: What is true?
joni edelman   |   02.13.17 11:43am   |   SHARE
Black History Month: Maya Angelou

Celebrating Black History Month: Mama Maya Angelou

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. - Maya Angelou
joni edelman   |   02.10.17 5:22pm   |   SHARE

Will My Anxious Child Ever Have Friends?

The idea of trying to be friends with someone “different” might be more than a 5-year-old is meant to handle.
joni edelman   |   02.10.17 10:36am   |   SHARE

Bill Nye Is BACK To Save The World (And Possibly My Sanity)

Science bless you, Bill.
joni edelman   |   02.8.17 10:44am   |   SHARE
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But What If Spanking Your Kids Actually Works?

I don’t think I can say I learned anything from being hit, except for fear. I learned to be afraid of her.
joni edelman   |   02.2.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
original artwork by Mariah Aro Sharp

Chronic Stress And Lack Of Sleep Is Probably Literally Killing You

Sleep: There are roughly 318.9 million people in America, and 30% of them aren’t getting enough of it.
joni edelman   |   01.31.17 12:12pm   |   SHARE