Noah Berlatsky

Noah Berlatsky


Noah Berlatsky is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He edits the online comics-and-culture website The Hooded Utilitarian and is the author of the forthcoming book Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948.

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Michelle Rodriguez Is Right (And Wrong) About Race And Superheroes

Rodriguez is confused when she says that people want her to steal white people's superheroes. But she also has a point.

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Violence, Sex, And Coming Of Age: Why Everyone Is Talking About This One Summer  

The first graphic novel to win a Caldeott gives children the chance to be adults, and adults the chance to be kids.


Idris Elba As A Post-Racial James Bond? Not So Fast

Let's not ignore the fact that the original James Bonds wasn't just white. He was a white supremacist.


The Virtues Of A Lazy Marriage

Lower your standards, live in moderate amounts of filth, and go to bed early. The cat will thank you.

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Why Hillary Clinton Is Not A Dynastic Candidate 

With the prospect of another Bush/Clinton presidential contest looming as ominously as Donald Trump's hairpiece, the word "dynasty" seems to be frothing off of many a pundit's keyboard. "Clinton, Bush struggle to shed dynasty labels," a Washington Post headline declared.

Enslaved or empowered?

Arrests Made At Should Male Prostitution Be Illegal?

Why should prostitution be illegal? And, more specifically why should male prostitution be illegal?


"Girl In A Country Song" Continues Long Tradition Of Twangy Feminist Critique 

Maddie & Tae's new hit both indicates and subverts country's long history of sexism.

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The Latest Proof That Men's Rights Activists Don't Actually Care About Men's Rights

A recent controversy at the Calgary Expo suggests MRAs care more about making opponents look bad than they do about discrimination.


On Privilege And Online Bullying

The Lord of the Flies can feel like a vacation spot for conflict-management consultants in comparison to social media.


Is All Art Political?

Art without politics actually results in a sweeping Puritanism. For art to have power, it needs to engage with power, with politics.