People We Love

When recounting that Mildred didn’t like that Gayle was flat-chested at 15, we learn how Mom stuffed her daughter’s bathing suit top with foam. It escaped and floated away during a swim lesson. Rather than express regret at the incident, Mildred offers the response, “Your boobs grew, and your nose grew.”
“I forgave my mother by understanding her.”
Pham’s company, MOGUL, is run by women and for women, and has a profound social mission.
"Listen to your own ideas and insights, but also listen to feedback from others. You don't have to follow every piece of advice, but it's important to listen and be open. That is the concept behind MOGUL: express your ideas and insights while listening to others."
He revealed what really goes down behind the scenes and confirmed our suspicions about how reality television is produced.
“Here’s a tip if you are ever on a reality show: Never ever tell the producers what you don’t want to do or who you don’t like, because that is what they will make you do over and over again.”
Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is one cool lady. She's a stand-up veteran, a Moth Story SLAM host, and the host of Ravishly's very own podcast, Sarcasmic!
“The more and more I do other things, the more and more I find I come back to the basic simple medium of being able to construct a joke and tell it onstage and elicit a reaction. That simplicity makes it very beautiful and accessible.”
After receiving more than 100,000 accounts from women and girls around the world, Laura has compiled the stories and lessons from Everyday Sexism into a book named after the project.
"How can we expect women to be respected in the workplace if their bodies are fair game for harassment and abuse in public spaces? How can we tackle the under-representation of women in politics without addressing a media that judges them on their looks and relationships instead of their policies? How can we take on rape and sexual violence without battling the victim-blaming attitudes that embolden perpetrators to act with impunity and teach victims they will not be believed?" 
He's just... He's awesome, OK? His soul is pretty dope, and he is definitely a Person We Love, forever and ever.
Drop all expectations — disregard every ‘should’ or ‘shouldn't’ — and dive in, because gender isn't necessarily about certainty. Sometimes it's about reveling in the uncertainty of it all.
Birb was truly a delight, and I hope you enjoy their sweet way of speaking and thinking about the world as I do.
"birb want to make peple do a happy,.; to see bright side;;... to not do a feel of aloneness"
Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman, the two proud lady scholars in question, have blessed us with a feminist analysis of the Harry Potter world, complete with an abundance of owl hoots.
"I think the really nice thing about this project that we're doing... it lets us talk about things that we actually care about more deeply than Harry Potter, which is like feminism and race and sexuality and the politics of representation, and Harry Potter is just the really fun, engaging way to get at those things that I think matter to us a little more urgently."
The stated mission of the organization is “to increase women's presence in the public debate, emphasizing those who are least often heard, including women of color, low-income women, lesbians, youth and older women.”
"Yes, whoever controls the media controls the culture — and, by proxy, our legislation, our economy, our lives." 
I sat down with Molly to discuss her writing, the entertainment industry, rehab, and the less glamorous side of Hollywood.
You need to work every day. You need to practice your craft every day. You need to sit down and write for four hours a day, every day, even if nothing good comes of it.