“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling.

Being A Voice For My Daughter's Autism 

“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling. Read...
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" Our relationship doesn’t just work because we love each other unconditionally; it works because we both try hard to maintain it."

How To Be A Supportive Partner While Managing Your ADHD

Remembering to do things isn’t exactly my strong suit, so I need to actively plan so that my partner isn’t the only one making lists, cleaning the Read...
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Yes, it’s good to have ADHD. (Image: Thinkstock)

Having ADHD Can Be a Good Thing 

As a former therapist who used to see a lot of children, I understand why parents and teachers want to get a child’s ADHD under control. It’s like a Read...
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Better living through chemistry. Image: Thinkstock.

Antidepressants Helped My ADHD

The SSRI I took didn’t have as dramatic an effect as my stimulants did, but it allowed me to laugh and love life again and still managed to take the Read...
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Cloth diapers!

4 Things (I Didn't Google) That Turned Me Into A Crunchy Mom

[CN: pregnancy, birth] I’ve always considered myself pretty open-minded, but honestly, before I had my first baby, I probably would’ve scoffed at a Read...
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It happens to adults, too.

I Was Diagnosed With ADHD As An Adult

So many things I read about adult ADHD rang true for me. I get distracted easily and have trouble concentrating on dense materials and tedious tasks Read...
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How I Learned To Love My Son For What He Is (Despite What He's Not)

Why do we venerate individuality in adults but condemn it in children? Read...
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Sex + Love
**Story does not include hammock or beach (Credit: Thinkstock)

Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Providing this week's most-riveting reads: a funny fashionista, two powerful essayists, and . . . a four-year-old? Read...
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