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We Can Talk About Being Too Thin; Why Can't We Talk About Being Too Fat?

As soon as we change the subject from thin to fat, we change the conversation from concern to hostility. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
" In nine months, I’ve learned a lot of stuff about myself, and even more about how I neglected myself."

What I've Learned From 9 Months Of Self-Care (#8 Is What's Up)

It’s like I had a baby, only I actually just gave birth to a new me. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Essentially, to change your world, you have to change yourself.

How To Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Have the post-holiday engagement "forever-alone" blues? Here's how to create the relationship of your dreams. Read...
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Sex + Love
My exuberance over these freshly-plucked perennials reminds me that the little things truly are the big things.

Dandelion Girl: How A Photo Of My Younger Self Makes Me A Happier Person

Of all the items that make up my workspace, it’s a picture of me holding a bunch of dandelions that never fails to put a smile in my heart. In this Read...
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"My illness creates the standard for myself; the rest of me has come to ignore beauty standards altogether, especially when it comes to other people."

Why Can't I See My Body The Way I See Other People's Bodies?

I have particular standards of beauty that I believe apply to my body — my body, and no one else’s. Read...
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Doing Nothing: Self-Care For The Truly Lazy 

My version of self-care is a little less “best life” and a little more “no life”, but it works for me. Read...
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An advice comic featuring the internet's favorite purple-haired aunt.

Aunt Ginger: Post-Election Survival Depends On Self-Care

The election is over! Yay? Not really, but at least we can take this moment to pause, breathe, and decompress. It's OK to feel sad/mad/angry/numb Read...
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Take The Cake: Fat Girl In Jamaica

Every inch of skin that can experience a breeze is urgently needed in Jamaica. This makes choosing the tank top and short shorts so much easier. It Read...
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