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Rebekah Kuschmider


Rebekah Kuschmider is a DC area writer with a background in non-profit management and advocacy. Her work has been seen at Babble, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, The Mid, Redbook online, and The Broad Side. She is the creator of the blog Stay at Home Pundit and is a contributor to the upcoming book Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox (an anthology, SheWrites Press, Nov. 2015). You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Universal Standard aesthetic is sleek and minimalist. It looks to me like a great brand for wardrobe staples that you can dress up or down. (Image Credit: Instagram/universalstandard)

Universal Standard: High Quality, Plus Size Clothing That You Can Exchange Up To A Year

Universal Standard's co-founder Alexandra Waldman says she was inspired by her own misadventures in shopping for larger sizes, which resulted in “a hodgepodge look, without the ability to express your own style.”

From @squigglybrows on Instagram

A Mother Of 2 Tries The Squiggly Eyebrows Trend

I enjoy reading about fashion and beauty. I like make-up. I like hair. I'm just not sure I'm into this squiggly eyebrows trend - but I'll try it for you!


UK Warns LGBT Travelers Of Homophobic Laws In NC & MS

Yesterday, the the British Foreign Office updated its travel guidance regarding the US to reflect the risks to gay people who travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. The new laws passed in those states regarding the rights of LGBTQ people have made waves across the pond, and the Brits don’t want any of their own caught in a bigotry riptide.

Hold onto your hats, ladies & gents. Because the sheer ubiquity of spiders is staggering.

#RavsRadar: How Many Spiders Are Alive & Well In The World Today? WAY TOO MANY

We interrupt this dumpster fire that is the United States of America in 2017 to bring you what is probably the most horrifying news in the history

No way this cute lil guy is Team Ted! His tongue is blue. Dead giveaway.

Is Ted Cruz Actually Just A Sack Full Of Lizards?  Super Delegates Explained

This election season so far has raised a series of questions.

Oh yes, it's a baby rhino. You gotta feel some feels for this adorable little guy.

#FurballFriday: Rare Baby Rhino Birth - Get Excited

Is there anything better than baby animals? No, there is not. Baby animals are the best.


Is George H.W. Bush REALLY Voting for Clinton?

Last night, there was a minor disturbance in the political force when Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lieutenant Gove

Image Credit: Beyonce/HBO via Vox

Poor Rachael Ray Is Definitely Not Becky With The Good Hair

In the midst of this firestorm was poor Rachael Ray, who has never been linked to JayZ in any way. The only thing she did was have a name similar to Rachel Roy, so she’s feeling the sting. Lemons and bees keep appearing in her comments sections. Hopefully, her signature humor will rule the day and she’ll invent a lemon-honey dessert called Becky Bars to show us she’s not mad.


The Egg White Alternative Hiding In Your Pantry

Attention: vegans, friends with food allergies, and people who love to eat raw batter! You are about to have the best weekend ever!

Each of us needs to find a pair of wings and be ready to put them on when these hate-mongers show up in our towns. We can stand and block their message from spreading.

Charlottesville Horror Is A Reminder: America's Racist Past Never Left

We already know that white supremacists made their appearance by torchlight, guns in plain sight, so we would all see, unmistakably, that racist filth is here and they are not afraid to show their faces. They have showed us how far they are willing to go. But stay strong and vigilant. We must be the better angels of America.