Black CannaParents: Teaching Children Balance In An Environment Of Extremes

We’re living in a time where parents must do the impossible dance of humanizing the world to their children, while at the same time shielding them Read...
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Self-Care Sunday: Using Cannabis To Treat Aches & Pains

I haven’t always been as big a proponent of marijuana as I am these days. I used to dismiss it as “hippie shit” that made me fall asleep, choosing a Read...
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April Wallpaper Freebies: Mother Earth & 4/20 Festivities! 

Happy April! This month, we have Earth Day AND 4/20 — the perfect chance to celebrate both nature and one of our favorite herbal gifts from her! Here Read...
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What if your conversation saved them from blackout drunkenness, chunks of days and nights they can’t recall, behaviors that are dangerous, both to them and to others.

I Told My Teens To Smoke Pot

I told my kids if they are going to pick a substance, pick pot. Don’t buy booze. Don’t drink cough syrup. Do get high. Why? Because pot doesn’t kill Read...
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We don't all love it.

Call Me A Killjoy: A Case Against Medical Marijuana

But the way I see it, concerning the issue of legalizing pot we have two questions: 1) Whether a person has the right to get high, and 2) Whether Read...
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"William Shakespeare 1609" by Unknown - The Washington Times. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Dude, Where Art Thine Weed? Was Shakespeare A Stoner?

In today's WTF news, someone apparently has discovered a bong in Read...
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You know I'm all about that vape, bout that vape. Credit: Thinkstock

Welcome "Vape": 2014's Controversial Word Of The Year!

Bravo for choosing a controversial word, Oxford Dictionary. Read...
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Courtesy of Legal Times

Meet The U.S. Department Of Justice's Fierce New Civil Rights Leader: Vanita Gupta

You've been dying to know who would take over the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of the US, amiright? Read...
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