19 Ways You Know You’re A True Scorpio

Scorpio is the most notorious sign in the zodiac. (Image: Unsplash/ Timothy Paul Smith)

Scorpio is the most notorious sign in the zodiac. (Image: Unsplash/ Timothy Paul Smith)

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If your birthday falls between October 23 and November 21, you’ve probably had this experience: you tell someone your astrological sign, and they actually physically recoil. 

At the very least, you’ve gotten a raised eyebrow, a grimace, or a nervous laugh. People have strong reactions to Scorpios; our reputations precede us. Scorpio is the most notorious sign in the zodiac — even people who don’t believe in astrology know enough not to fuck with us unless they’re prepared to face the consequences.

Scorpios are all about sex and violence, literally. Our ruling planet is Mars (named for the God of War), and while every sign rules a body part — Pisces is the feet, Taurus has the throat, Virgo gets the stomach — Scorpio is centered in the genitals. Besides being sexy and dangerous, we’re extremely emotional, because we’re water signs. And as a fixed sign, we’re also very stubborn. It all adds up to a pretty potent package. 

One of my daughters is a Scorpio, like me, and the other is a Cancer. Here’s the difference between them. If I lose my temper or otherwise screw up as a mom, when I apologize to my Cancer daughter, she’ll give me a hug and say, “it’s okay, Mommy.” My Scorpio daughter, on the other hand, will glare at me and spit, “you’d better be sorry.” It’s okay, though. I get it. I’m exactly the same way – I’ve just learned to hide it a little better.


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If you’re a Scorpio, none of the following will surprise you. It might, however, confirm for you that astrology is completely real, and help you understand why people are afraid of you. And if they aren’t, they should be.

1. You feel things more deeply than anyone else in the room.



2. You need to be in control at all times.



3. You are 100 percent loyal to your loved ones and demand the same in return.



4. You might or might not forgive — but you will never, ever forget.



5. You’re jealous AF and you own it without shame.



6. You’re always secretly plotting your next move.



7. You don’t know how you know certain things — you just know them.



8. Whether or not you choose to act on it, vengeance is always on your mind.



9. You would never stay in a sexless marriage; life without sex is unimaginable to you.



10. You’re obsessed with/fascinated by death.



11. You keep your guard up so people won’t realize how fiercely you care.



12. Once you make your mind up, it stays made up.


13. You struggle with obsessive thoughts — or have learned to simply embrace them.



14. It takes a lot for you to trust someone; most people will never make the cut.



15. When you’re determined to keep a secret, no one will ever get it out of you.



16. No matter how well anyone thinks they know you, they’ll never have you completely figured out.



17. You’re undaunted by failure; you know you’ll come back even stronger.



18. You hate the idea of needing anyone.



19. No matter what happens, you know you’ll always come out on top.



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