Watch This! Blissful Fox is a Human-Nuzzling Maniac

In perhaps the finest nuzzle session of all time, Dawn the fox (!) shows her rescuers just how much she loves a good pet. Warm your wintered heart on all the la la la love people!


Oh. And if that barrage of precious joy-squealings wasn't cute enough, we also found out that Dawn is one of six resident foxes at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary's that can't be returned to the wild. Dawn was first brought to a dog rescue as a wee fox pup – a member of the community thought she was an abandoned canine.  By the time they realized she was actually a baby fox not a tiny orange dog, they bought her in to the wildlife folks ... but alas, she was already too tame and couldn't fend for herself out in the wild.

The Wildlife Sanctuary keeps insisting that Dawn "isn't a pet" but dang, you could have fooled us.


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