Weird+Wonderful+WTF News Roundup: Harry Styles Bathroom Meme! Forklift Used to Retrieve Candy From Vending Machine! Sharknado 2 Pics!

Once again, we've rounded up some of the day's most click-worthy, gawk-and-gape-and-guffaw news stories. Enjoy!

1. Harry Styles' Run From the Bathroom Gets Meme-ified

Need further proof that anything and everything related to One Direction dreamboat ladykiller Harry Styles is newsworthy? The guy ran back from the bathroom to accept some obscure Brit award, and it promptly became a rather hilarious running-themed meme. Good news: The meme does not contain high-pitched squealing. (Also, for the record, our fave is Nintendo Harry!)

2. Sharknado 2 Filming Pics Revealed

We can't quite explain why every time we hear Sharknado -- which is probably in the hundreds of times at this point -- we can't help but get excited and strangely happy. It is seriously one of the best puns ever, and it's not even really a pun. That said, the release of photos from Sharknado 2, in which the shark-filled natural disaster strikes the Big Apple, is no different in appeasing our lowest common denominator for enjoyment.

3. Switzerland McDonald's Restaurants Debut Fancy-Cheese Burgers That Actually Look...Really Delicious (?!)

American burgers -- a thin slice of a meat-like substance slathered in plastic-bag ketchup and slapped between two limp buns -- is a far cry from the special burgers that recently made an appearance on Switzerland menus. These promotional sandwiches featured sourdough bread and chevre, sbrinz and gruyere cheese, and actually looked like legitimate food items. Wait, are you telling us Switzerland gets no wars and better burgers? No fair!

4. Man Uses Forklift on Candy Vending Machine

You know how sometimes you put money in a vending machine for a bag of candy you really really want, and then it gets stuck and you're super upset? Well, chances are your annoyance didn't escalate to the point where you commandeered a forklift and used it to drop the machine repeatedly. This is precisely how far a warehouse worker in Iowa took it, and he was promptly fired for the shenanigans. No word on whether he finally got to eat that damn candy.

Harry Styles image: Instagram; burger image: McDonald's; Sharknado and vending machine images:

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