Astonishing Make-UNDER is Confusing, Exciting, Kind of Mean

Makeover shows like What Not To Wear and Ugly Duckling have accompanied many a hangover in their day, but now we have a make-UNDER video for you.

Meet Mel: she's a punked out Brit chick looking for a softer look. Sounds nice? Actually, it's pretty effed up! Though your humble narrator looks more like the "after" than the "before," hearing that Mel's hard rocker vibe is "embarrassing" to others is downright cringe worthy. Even worse, hearing that she's more "snog-able" post makeunder is just embarrassing - can't we just appreciate some good 'ol fashioned flying of one's freak flag?

As one commenter put it: "Yay! Now she conforms to common aesthetic ideals! The herd has been made safer from the threat of shocking individuality."

For the sake of your inner Regina George, watch:

Image: Mel with her fave jacket, courtesy of eBaum's World channel

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