You Ended the Friendship, Now What to do with the Ex-friend?

Handling an ex-friend can be more awkward than an ex love. Recently, we advised ya’lls to ditch the b*tch (that is, eliminate a toxic friend from your terrific life). Ughhh, but what are you supposed to do once she’s gone? With the help of some friendly advice from Refinery 29, we’ve got you covered.

Sayonara, sweets.

1.) Keep your dirty laundry to yourself

Don’t involve multiple friends. Don’t ask for people to take your side. Not-so-flattering rumors will spread about you if you don’t keep it classy. Remember, we live in a world full of insecure people. Fear of being a bad friend is familiar to many -rumors are known to stick if they appeal to anxieties and insecurities.

2.) Okay, you can tell a selected confidante

Before you cry contradiction, hear us out: you can’t kept this pain and anxiety inside. That will only create a wall between you and your loved ones. Reach out to someone you trust (like your boo, your parents, or just one loyal friend) to divulge your feelings. Expressing yourself will get out all that icky negativity. Seeing another’s perspective will help confirm that you made the right decision.

3.) Don’t push the drama

You probably will run into said friend in the future. Be cool. Don’t ignore her. Remember: you moved on to be a better you. There’s a theory that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so don’t let this former frenemy drag down your awesome chick average!

4.) Isolate the hate

Don’t let this drama control your life. It’s easy to blame all your issues on one situation. For instance: you don’t go to a fun party because SHE’S there, so you sit around your place alone hating your life. Instead, accept that there’s something to learn from this situation and try to release your attachment to the anger.

5.) Look on the bright side

Stay positive. Yeah, the situation sucks. Find a silver lining if it kills you. Positive thoughts create a positive reality. Soon, you’ll be attracting so much awesome that you won’t even care!


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