Be a Bad B*tch in Sky High Heels (Without Limping, Wincing or Weeping)

Stiletto shoes are so f*cking fierce. There’s something so sexily badass about gorgeous shoes (that could also be used as a weapon.) Too bad you can’t run, flip and fight bad guys in them à la Charlie’s Angels — unless you’re jonesing for blisters and a twisted ankle!

Or can you? Suit up, sistah: there are many ways to make your heels more comfy.

Pick the Right Shoe
Everyone knows the real reason Cinderella ditched that glass slipper was because it was hella uncomfortable. Screw the pumpkin. I’d charm Prince Charming all night (and morning) and then walk my ass home if I had comfy shoes! There are some easy rules for picking the right shoe.

1. Look at the heel placement
The heel should support your — you know — heel! Opt for a thicker heel, like this. Addicted to those pencil thin spikes? Look for one that curves in towards your arch, like this. There should be a slight dip at the top instead of a straight line.

2. Get some thickness in the sole
A little bit of Spice Girl–esque platform on the sole will pad your feet while you walk. Bonus: better channel your inner Queen Bee, this style will also make you look a lot taller!

3. Don't let your foot slip out!
Ever see girls walking around with ratchet lookin’ Achilles Tendons? I’ll be the first to admit it: I am definitely that girl. Avoid the pain by selecting a heel that is secured to your foot. Ankle straps really help! Slipping in and out all night not only is painful on that tender tendon, but is also less stable and gives you that "baby Bambi I can't walk right" look. Which ain't too sexy.

Okay. You fell in love with a painful pair. Now what?!
Never fear, the anecdote is here! There are some great products on the market to help you banish chafing. If you’re rocking those badass babies for the first time, try Band-Aid Friction Block Stick. I learned about this amazing invention from my cousin Karen after she witnessed my pitiful new shoe hobble. And let me just say — it rocks!  

Already have some ouchie spots? Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin will protect you from additional damage. Save them for hiking adventures as well, and you’ll never blister again. If the sole of your foot is in agony, look into inserts. This is a more personal choice. Look into different brands and styles to see what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to bring the shoes in question to your local Target to determine the best type.

Comfort and sexiness don’t have to be mutually exclusive — let's quaff a cocktail and cheers to your shoe agony being over!

Don't resort to this!
Did you ever read the original Brothers Grimm Cinderella? At the end of the story, the evil sisters chop off parts of their feet in order to fit into Cinderella's itty bitty slippers (kids, always be yourself). Turns out, that wasn't just some fairly terrible tale ending: women undergo gnarly surgeries to make their feet stiletto ready like injecting collagen fillers into the balls of their feet to make those sky high beauties more comfy. Ummm, EW! And scarier still, it's not that rare either — this surgery has been on the rise since 2009.

Super grossed out? Honey, fillers are mere child's play.

Another popular surgery removes part of your toes so you can squeeze into those stilettos. You can make yer feet digits shorter or thinner, but some opt to remove the pinky toe altogether. And while it may seem like a useless body part and totally worth sacrificing for style, we actually use the pinky toe to balance.

So don't be an evil stepsister. Be nice to your feet!

Image: this doesn't have to be you! Courtesy of Flickr, Tine Steiss

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