(Don't) Hear This: Prince + Deschanel Release New Single FALLINLOVE2NITE, We Say Ho Hum

When we heard that Prince wrote a song featuring Zooey Deschanel we were all... "but they're soooo different."

I mean, here are the facts. Prince's hairstyle changes drastically with every album/decade/emotion and Deschanel is generally remembered by her timeless bangs look [1999 - 2014 and going strong].

Prince (formally and otherwise) has made himself a household hell-raiser; he's a trend setting, one-of-a-kind, genderbendin' rockstar with no time for haters — he's garnered 10 platinum albums and 30 songs in the Top 40 throughout his pompadour-ed career — we're thinking he knows good music when he makes it. Prince has the Midas Touch, while Deschanel's music career [She & Him] has been on the neo-folk fringe since their inception. (Is any of it worth listening to with a close ear?)

So this new release left us wondering — what the hell is our sensual 'Purple Rain' superstar thinking?!

Prince's guest appearance on Deschanel's show New Girl was a cute little diddy, and we could have left it at that, but fans went wild over the pair singing together on stage and had to have the whole song. Their new single — which is basically just bad. mainstream dance music — was released in it's entirety today by DrFunkenberry.com.

Who knows, maybe Prince thought Deschanel could use some much-needed, sans bangs (ha!) street cred but these bunch of Ravishers ain't takin' the bait. We're not drinking the Deschanel Kool-Aid anyway, but even for her this tune is sub-par. But don't take our word for it though, let your eardrums decide.


Image: New Girl Screenshot

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