Men vs Women: Whose Voice is Sexier?

Until the grand invention of video chat, countless couples across the globe were forced to keep the passion in their relationship alive via phone sex. And tried they did. If your parents weathered the long distance before having you, it's time to get on your knees and thank your lucky stars for existing. Why? New research shows us that a sexy voice just isn't possible for one gender. So, one half of your parental tribe seriously had to love the other.

Which one? Oh geez, we almost don't need to say it if you saw Her. Women rock at seductive tones, but men really suck at it. Like, seriously.

Research conducted at Albright College in Pennsylvania found that men can't make their voices sexier, despite their attempts to do so. Researchers actually admitted that it "got a bit worse" when men donned their best alluring voice. Sorry dudes!

When asked to up the tantalizing talk, women—on cue—lowered their voices and spoke in breathy, low, tones. What's interesting is that men preferred higher pitched voices, yet these ladies consistently amped up the throaty factor.

Well, what gives?

We're not totally sure. Sexiness is a culturally constructed notion, that's for sure, but there are some evolutionary factors to it as well. Let's start with the breathy factor: on one hand, it might remind dudes of what their squeeze sounds like mid coital (that is, as long as the sex is good). Another theory is that this way of speaking is accomplished from a gap at the end of one's vocal cords—ladies have a larger gap than men, so breathiness is inherently feminine. Why do women opt for deeper tones? No one is sure, but other studies show that deeper voices are more memorable.

Or perhaps there's a link between the vulnerability associated with sex and wanting to be remembered?

Image: Let out that deep voice! Courtesy of, Wikimedia

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