This is Why You Should Recycle Your Sex Toys!

You know that recycling is important, Captain Planet has been teaching us this shit since like 1992. Yet, so many of us skimp out in easy areas. Even the most taboo possession hidden away in your sock drawer—your 'ol sticky sex toys—can, and should! be recycled.

We've brought this up before, but we're addressing it again because media has surfaced a disturbing (yet, funny if your sense of humor includes animal torture) photo of a dildo being swallowed by an ocean fish. Word is that Norwegian fisherman, Bjørn Frilund, was fishing for cod in his seaside village Eidsbygda (ten points if you can pronounce that consonant-heavy concoction) when he noticed that one of his captures looked funny. He slit it open and pulled out—lo and behold—a giant orangeish dildo. Frilund believes that the fish thought it was an octopus or something.

Guys, it's all well and good to banish you butt-plug from your booty because o-l-d, but don't chuck it into the ocean—I mean c'mon now! There's already an unfortunate taboo attached to sex-cessories—ain't we clever? These O-making gadgets don't need any more bad publicity OK?! PETA is probably foaming at the mouth with fish-inflicted rage right now. It's all-too-easy to recycle these cum-laden gems and it takes oh-so-little effort on your part. 

Companies like Scarlet Girl and Sex Toy Recycling will both gladly take your old vibrating friends to break down the materials and reuse them. Better yet?Both businesses will also give you a voucher that can be used for the purchase of a new toy! 

If you'd like to take your sex-positive animal activism a step further, try GLYDE's certified Ethical, Vegan & Fair Trade condoms. Many condom brands (lookin' at you Trojan and Durex) test on animals, but GLYDE is committed to abstaining from such procedures. Also, they're totally organic and support nonprofits. Price wise they're on par with popular brands too.

Ultimately, it's important to reduce your impact in some other way than not showering or drinking whiskey instead of water. 

Image: Ewwww [insert dirty joke here]. Courtesy of, Andalsnes Avis


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