Awesome News Anchor Calls Time Out on Sexism

If you're a woman, you've probably encountered the sexist chestnut "girls don't understand finance and math and stuff" at least once in your life. If that blatant gender stereotyping has ever made you seethe, you'll relish watching this video of Stephanie Ruhle, a Bloomberg TV anchor, attacking a financial analyst's impressively condescending remark that women don't get quant* information.

The best part of Ruhle's "oh no you didn't" retort? When she puts her head in her hands and bats her eyelashes in a perfect impersonation of how some patronizing men see women. Extra bonus points to Ruhle for writing up this measured, but pointed explanation for why she fought back against the sexism.

Time out, indeed!

*For the less financially informed, "quant" is shorthand for "quantitative." And yes, we think women and men could be confused about this.

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