Ravish It: One Ballet Flat to Rule Them All

I’ll be honest, I’m definitely not what most consider “ballet flats” material. That frilly, tutu-associated word pretty much symbolizes the antithesis of my personal style: black, abstract and slightly off-kilter. And I’m particularly harsh when it comes to footwear (can’t we all just wear socks? Aren’t socks enough?)

My beef with traditional ballet flats is simple—they claim to be the ultimate in comfort, yet they are often the exact opposite: a flimsy excuse for a shoe that often lead to aching arches, sore soles and the mother of all fashion bitchery: blisters.

At the same time, you’ll hardly ever find me in heels. When teetering around in stilettos I wind up feeling like Heather Locklear’s Melrose Place character—overdressed in a trying-too-hard sort of way.

Enter Tieks, the shoe label that's reimagined ballet flats as sexy, innovative, and actually comfortable. Crafted from buttery Italian leather, these designs range from the more subtle matte solid tones to eye-popping colors and patterns like multi-colored sparkles and faux snake-skin. Each pair also handily folds into an accompanying pouch for coy handbag storage. And the best part? These flats quickly shape to your feet—meaning no more raw sores or flopping heels. The sturdy soles make for better support, and the resilience of the material means that with proper care, a pair of Tieks can acquire tenure in your wardrobe.

At around $200, these can be classified as an investment, but some simple math adding up what I've spent on numerous, relatively disposable kicks (not to mention the accompanying bandages and Neosporin) make Tieks worth it in my book.

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