Watch: Star Wars Reimagined as a Quentin Tarantino Film

The internet is suddenly rife with clever video editors creating fake trailers for iconic films in the style of different iconic directors. Previously we brought you Forrest Gump as seen through the lens of Wes Anderson. Now we offer Star Wars, Quentin Tarantino style. This endeavor, of course, necessitates playing up the violence and (virtually nonexistent) gore of the film, along with Tarantino’s quintessential 1970s word-aesthetic spliced between clips. And it recasts the roles with Tarantino regulars, like Steve Buscemi, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

We're not sure if space science fiction is going to be on Tarantino’s radar for future films—he seems more into earthly violence and atrocity—so this is a fun mind-bending exercise to fill that void. Granted, we're also good with the not over-the-top-violent original version (call us old-fashioned).


Image: YouTube

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