Bad Vibrations: Man Lodges a (Still Moving) Sex Toy in Large Intestine

In the name of all things hilarious, feast your insatiable gossipy mind on this! A guy from Fresno learned a naughty time no-no recently when he got a vibrator stuck in his large intestine. And was his phallic-shaped friend sitting pretty and still up in there? Hell no! This baby was a'shakin' away all up in that (mighty important) intestine! Apparently, he and the wifey were experimenting with their new toy when in the midst of the fun, it got lost in his body. (The horror!)

And yes, this all came to light because the couple will soon be featured on TLC's show Sex Sent Me to The E.R. this coming week. Nurse Stevey Pope—who tended to the nameless man‚said it was no laughing matter: the vibrations could have led to internal bleeding and infections. Ugh. And ouch!

This begs the question: will the show encourage copycats—will less-than-savvy sex cravens be drawn to the danger?! Whether it's pop rocks in your snatch or vibrators in the intestine—it's clear that serious sex injuries are far too common already. Maybe an I.Q. test should be mandatory with every dildo purchase?

Image: Well, that's not where it's supposed to be. Courtesy of, ThinkStock 

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