Watch: The Walking Dead Gets a 1980s Sitcom Makeover

1980s sitcoms had a way of melting life’s concerns away, not least of which because their opening themes were just so. damn. zippy and mindless. Like a lava lamp of carefree idiocy. And what better way to revamp these light-hearted openers than setting them to footage of modern, dead-serious series?

Here, “The Wil Wheaton Project” does just that, giving the soul-crushing hopelessness of “The Walking Dead” its very own 1980s-esque opener. The song is peppy, cast members are smiling and life suddenly seems a lot less of a downer in the zombie apocalypse. To be sure, there’s still lots (and lots) of gory zombie killing, but everyone has a real pep in their step as they go about a-slaughtering.

So turn that frown upside down, and partake in some saccharine zombie carnage!

Image: ThinkStock


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