Top 9 Yoga Positions to Improve Your Performance in Bed

The union of mind, body and spirit is the goal of every enlightened yogini who walks the earth. In fact, the word "yoga" means "union" in Sanskrit. Practicing yogis are all about the flow because it keeps them centered and in the moment—they are flexible, in tune and confident in their bodies. They love the yoga synthesis, and we love it too—because when it comes to this flow, the word "union" has more than one meaning (wink wink).

That's right: we're talking about yoga to heighten your performance in the bedroom. Aka "pre-freak flow." Aka "OH YES yoga." Get ready for some lessons to rock your world.

1. Sun Salutations

-Start standing with your feet close together, then fold forward from the hips.
-Take a breath in and straighten your back to a standing half fold.
-Breathe out and fold forward, letting your hands touch the ground.
-Hold for one round of breath and then come to a standing position, stacking your vertebrae one at a time.

Why this helps in the sack: Because standing in a forward bend takes concentration and effort, Sun Salutations work on your patience and stamina, helping with uncomfortable sexual positions.

2. Eagle Pose

-Start standing. Bend your knees. Balance on your right foot and cross your left thigh over your right.
-Straighten your arms in front of your body. Drop your left elbow under your right and place your left fingers on your right palm.
-Sit back slightly and push your hands away from your face. Breathe deeply through at least three breath cycles.
-Repeat balancing on the left foot with the right thigh crossed over the left, and the right arm underneath the left.

Why this helps in the sack: Holding the pose takes a lot of concentration and balance. It strengthens your core and your legs. When you sit back, you are damming the blood flow to your hips, and your body has a chance to oxygenate the blood that is circulating. When you stand up, fresh blood rushes straight to your hips . .  . and (bonus) your lady parts.

3. Plank Position

-You can either step back with both feet from a standing forward fold or start on your hands and knees.
-Straighten both legs and push your weight into your feet like you’re pushing against a wall.
-Engage the core muscles and the thighs, making sure to be as flat as possible. Hold for three rounds of breath.

Why this helps in the sack: Plank strengthens your whole body, especially the core muscles. It helps with balance and stamina, and holding the muscles this way makes us feel confident and strong, both of which are valuable assets in the bedroom.

4. Upward Facing Dog

-From your plank position, exhale and lower yourself halfway down, keeping your elbows tucked in.
-Inhale and push up and forward with your arms, bringing your chest forward and rolling over your toes.
-Keep your thighs and belly engaged as you look upward. Hold for one round of breath.

Note: Your hands and the tops of the feet should be the only parts of you on the ground. You can also do a "cobra" instead—like a down dog, but with your legs on the ground.

Why this helps in the sack: Up-dog opens the heart center, and makes you more accepting of love and sexual energy. It also stretches and strengthens your abdominal muscles and sends blood to your happy places.

5. Downward Facing Dog

-From your up-dog postion, exhale, lift the hips, and roll over your toes. Make sure that you can feel your hands planted fully on the mat.
-Roll your shoulders open so that your collar bones feel like they’re moving outward and your shoulder blades are rolling down your back.
-Push your sitting bones toward the back wall.
-Straighten your legs (your feet probably won’t completely touch the floor).
-Stay for three rounds of breath.

Why this helps in the sack: Down-dog makes you focus on the moment because there are so many parts to focus on. It helps you align your spine and stretch the side body, the legs, the back—well, pretty much all the muscles you need for the beast with two backs.

6. Pigeon

-Start on all fours (you can also start this from down-dog).
-Bring your right knee to your right wrist and inch your right foot over to the left wrist (or underneath the left thigh).
-Straighten your left leg and place your hands on the ground on either side of the hips.
-Lean backward slightly to lengthen your back, making sure that your hips are staying level.
-Keeping the length in your back, walk your hands forward and fold over the front leg. Hold for three breaths.
-Slowly and evenly use your hands to walk yourself out of the fold and push yourself back to hands and knees (or down-dog).
-Repeat on the second side with your left knee at the wrist and right leg straight behind you.

Note: This is a deep stretch, and you may need a block or a blanket to place underneath of your pelvis or your knee.

Why this helps in the sack: Tight hips are no good in bed, and pigeon is an amazing hip opener. This pose helps stretch the small rotary muscles, which are essential to getting your swerve on.

7. CatCow

-Start on your hands and knees with a neutral spine.
-Inhale, move your sit bones upward, drop the belly toward the floor, and move your chest forward (the "cow").
-Exhale, round your back, bring the tailbone inward and drop your head down (the "cat").
-Follow your own breath, inhale for "cow," exhale for "cat," and repeat five times.

End this pose with a neutral spine.

Why this helps in the sack: Simple enough, cat-cow strengthens the kegel muscles—or as we like to call them, the O-muscles.

8. Bridge Pose

-Start on your back with your arms at your side.
-Bend your knees and bring your feet behind your sit bones.
-Exhale and press your feet and your arms into the floor, raising your hips.
-Clasp your hands underneath your pelvis and continue pressing so that you’re supported on your shoulders and feet.
-Push your knees and your chest away from your hips.

To come out of this pose: unclasp the hands and lower one vertebrae at a time, starting from the upper back.

Note: Your chin will be on or nearly on your chest in this position if you have a neck injury, so placing a blanket underneath your head is helpful.

Why this helps in the sack: Like down-dog, this one stretches pretty much every sex muscle you have. Oh baby! Even the focus for this one is the uterus. This pose stretches and opens the hip flexors, strengthens the kegel muscles and enhances orgasms, eases stress and tension in the body—and totally doubles as a sex position.

9. Savasana

-Lay on your back and relax all of your muscles.
-Check in with your body: how are you feeling, is anything being held, and can you release tension in your muscles?
-Check in with your mind: are there any emotions, sensations or thoughts creeping in? Let them go.

Stay here for 5 minutes.

Why this helps in the sack: How often do you stop moving and let everything go? This is a sensual pose because there’s no moving or thinking allowed. You’re just living in your body and focusing on what you’re feeling in the moment. Be in your body—your honey will thank you.

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