L'Oreal Professional's Lame Barbie Makeover of Kirsten Dunst

It's been a while since we heard from Kirsten Dunst, and that's a damn shame. But at least we now know why this talented actress has been off the radar: According to the latest L'Oreal Professional advertisement, she's been hiding in a tanning bed.

The high-end hair care line chose Dunst as its first celebrity face earlier this year, and it kind of made sense—she definitely has envy-inducing hairstyles and luscious golden locks. But now that the ad has dropped, we sort of want to punch it in the face.

Dunst, like Kristen Stewart, is a slightly controversial celebrity—not everyone's darling, not the likable girl next door, and not quite the bombshell. She shares Stewart's pale mystique and looks like she would rather sip Absinthe while listening to the Smiths than parade her smokin' hot bod around on a red carpet. Chanel took this quality of Stewart's and ran with it, channeling her wild personality into an awesome campaign.

Sadly, the L'Oreal Beach Waves campaign has failed to do the same. Imagine our shock and horror when we discovered the company outfitted Dunst in a Sports Illustrated-ready swimsuit, bronzed her to death and slathered her in Barbie makeup. Who are you and what did you do to Kirsten?


This sad picture leads to the unsettling thought that Kirsten might be strapped for cash and hence less choosy about her income sources. Consider this a shout-out to all the directors out there (we're looking at you, Lars von Trier!)—hire this talented woman for a quality project, so we don't have to see her like this.

And Kirsten, if you're reading this: You can do better. Your gorgeous body is the stuff of Givenchy gowns, not barely-there swimsuits. And you don't need any silly hair product to make waves. 

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