Sexy Mugshot Has Us Hot and Bothered—and We Hate Ourselves for It

With his piercing blue eyes and luscious lips, Jeremy Meeks has taken the Internet by storm. Oh, and did we mention he's a felon?

Minxy Meeks was arrested on suspicion of felony weapons charges. He also has a tear drop tattoo, and it doesn't take an Orange is the New Black fanatic to know what that tends to mean: that the guy has killed someone. None of this has deterred Meeks' fans, though, with one even creating a fan page on Facebook.

To reiterate: Meeks is a criminal who has possibly killed someone. Ladies, if you like the bad boys, AJ of the Backstreet Boys is a much safer bet.

Why the Obsession?

Studies have shown that we're prone to excuse pretty people. In normal everyday interactions, beautiful people are more likely to be trusted with secrets and to win arguments. The same research found that professors assume attractive students will perform better. Ouch! Additionally, men have admitted to forgiving beautiful ladies for all sorts of atrocities.  

As the theory goes, it's not just sex that draws us to attractive people. Sometimes, it's blatant curiosity (ooh, what ethnicity is Meeks?). Or, because beauty is so valued in our culture, it can be due to a desire for boosted social status through association. 

In any case, a reminder: Beautiful people are capable of doing ugly things. So back away vixens, and for all that's right in the world, please don't stalk the cell block. 

Image: Facebook

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