Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 8—Birds, Bees and Butterflies!

This week celebrates the birds, bees and butterflies! They're the best pollinators around and we wanted to share the love with a mixtape of our favorite songs that makes us think of. . . pollinating!. . . yeah.

Meredith Says: Break You Off—The Roots

I mean:

You want it gripped up, flipped, and thrown
And get stripped and shown, the way to get in the zone

Enough said?

Flora Says: Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love—Ella Fitzgerald

I first heard it on the soundtrack of the one and only The L Word, accompanying a steamy lesbian love scene. I fell in love! This song always makes me laugh and see the big picture of this amazing, sexy thing called life.

Aubrey Says: StankLove—Outkast

I feel like a sexy, low flying hummingbird when I listen to this song.

"Open up you flower please let me taste your love 
Honeysuckle sweet, can't stop till I get ever drip drop on my tongue"

Nikki Says: I'm Like a Bird—Nelly Furtado

A ridiculously catchy tune about a fierce independent streak. What's not to love? "You're beautiful/That's for sure..." Classic.

Giana Says: Butterfly—Crazy Town

I was pretty young when this song came out, but I loved it because it seemed to be about my favorite things: butterflies and sugar. Oh, and the dude was wearing a DARE shirt in the video—I imagined my school's DARE officer would be proud to see me enjoying such a school approved message.

Katie Says: Sugar Daddy—Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This song is from my, dare-I-say-it favorite musical, which Neil Patrick Harris is currently starring in on Broadway. (And yes he just won the Tony.) The song is about desire—for love, for power, for things—all couched in this awesome, not-so-subtle honeybee metaphor. "And everything you bring me got me dripping like a honeycomb..." It's a fierce ballad about sexual dominance and it generally makes me wanna intimidate the hell out of some men with a short skirt and bad behavior.

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