Ravishly Mixtape Vol.11—Moon Day Melodies!

July 20th 1969 marks the day that humans first walked on the moon. Because of our appreciation of all things science and space, we gathered up our favorite intergalactic songs.

Kelley Says: "Intergalactic"—Beastie Boys

Mainly because when this comes on in the club, I lose my shit almost as much as I would were aliens invading the planet (though my likely reaction in the latter scenario would be more find-a-weapon than dance-it-out.)

Flora Says: "Spaceman"—Babylon Zoo

The 90s were so weird and naive music-wise, and yet it's my favorite decade of all times. The general feeling is that everyone in the music industry was obsessed with UFOs and outer space! I don't know which dark corner of my mind this was hiding in, but nevertheless—Spaceman! It's as kooky, tacky and wonderful 90s as you can get. 

Giana Says: "Space Cowboy"—N'Sync

Because, why not?

Aubrey Says: "2001 A Space Odyssey"—Stanley Kubrik

2001: A Space Odyssey might be my favorite movie of all time. Not only does it show us our (totally possible) evolution, 2001 helped incite serious controversy over the moon landing. (Mostly that Kubrik helped the US government fake it and that he could never tell a soul about it.) Fans have combed through his work (most notably his remake of Steven King's, "The Shining") and claim that Kubrik left clues pointing to his fake (fake FAKE) of the landing.


Nikki Says: "Supermassive Black Hole"—Muse

The song itself is a rock-out blast. But the real reason I love this song is because black holes are seriously the most mind-blowing things ever. Science, yo. Science.


Katie Says: "Across the Universe"—Fiona Apple Cover

This song makes me feel all liquid-limbed and hazy, like I'm dissolving. Which is a sensation I associate with space and communing with the universe apparently!

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