Watch: Orange is the New Black Meets Disney Princesses

I may be the only person on Earth who doesn't care for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Read the book, liked the book, but the show weirds me out. Its just got way too much Jenji Kohan all over it.

But strangely, a version of it that I can really get behind is this Disney-fied take. Yes, a Disney princess plays each character, with Elsa from Frozen leading it up as Piper. It’s got sass and salty language that’s rounded out with some good old-fashioned princess charm. The best part may be Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston playing corrections officer Pornstache. So perfectly pompous.

I would gladly contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to fund extending this to a full series. Potential Disney lawsuits be damned.

Image: Youtube

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