Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 12—Animal Tunes for Zookeeper Week

More proof that there's a week for everything: National Zookeeper Week is wrapping up today. In honor of this illustrious profession (animal captivity notwithstanding), we bring you this mixtape with an animal theme. Come take a walk on the wild side with us—but just bear with us, because some of these songs are real howlers. (Sorry. Couldn't help it.)

Kelley: "Eye of the Tiger"—Survivor

A CLASSIC. Perfect for any occasion that requires getting amped up for. Case in point: I listened to it on repeat when I was gearing up to quit my old job and by like the 16th straight play, it worked! I also maintain my repeated singing of it led my intramural volleyball team in college to our glorious championship victory freshman year (though others may disagree on that . . . )

Giana: "Tiger Kit"—Sleigh Bells 

I'm ultra hooked on this band right now, and this song especially rocks. It's perfect for solo rock out car jams. Trust me.

Nikki: "Little Lion Man"—Mumford & Sons

I love myself a good angsty tune, and this jam—which uses a lion as a powerful symbol for bravery in love—delivers the melancholy goods. Also: "Little Lion Man" is a thoroughly weird (in an awesome way) name for a hit song.


Aubrey: "Girls"—Animal Collective

This is one of those songs that I turn the radio up all the way and scream the words to every time I hear it. Sometimes I need a reminder that my passions don't include typical societal norms, and that I have to be cruel enough to walk my own path.  

Image: ThinkStock

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