Here’s a Compilation of Tom Haverford’s Business Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Tom Haverford, Aziz Ansari's character on "Parks and Recreation," may be working a monotonous local government job, but all the while he’s building a reservoir of baller business ideas.

For anyone attracted to the intersection of high-end and tacky, these are for you. A department store with a guest list, “Tom’s Bistro” (because “the word ‘bistro’ is classy as shit”), a Kahlua-style liquor called “Snake Juice” and escargot deliver service dubbed “Snail Mail” are just a few of the many novel business opportunities awaiting a substantial capital investment.

This AskMen clip compiles his pontifications, serving as a handy guide for any would-be entrepreneurs looking for just the right gauche idea. So if Nathan Fielder’s model of making ordinary businesses disturbingly unordinary isn’t your cup of tea, here are Haverford’s glitzy and equally unpalatable business creations.


Image: Wikicommons

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