Watch: Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon Remind Us How Awkward Our Teen Years Were

Credit: Tonight Show YouTube channel

Credit: Tonight Show YouTube channel

Remember being a tween? You know, that time when we were forced into classrooms chock-full of sweaty hybrid child-adults, where we basked in each other's awkwardness and terrible breath (due to residual lunch particles stuck inside our horrifying braces)?

So awkward. So cringe-worthy.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift are here to make light of those traumatic/hilarious years. Mocking tween shows everywhere, Fallon stars as Sara (with no "h," get it right) on the parody show Ew! Spoiler alert: Tween girls think everything is "ew." Taylor Swift stars as Natalie (a family friend), and contributes her own "ews." 

Though it's a parody, both characterizations of the teen years—obnoxiously bubbly Sara and reserved, dorky Natalie—are spot-on. Which were you? Watch the video and see/cringe for yourself.

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