Dog Need a Maxi Pad? She's On it. There's Nothing Sarah Michelle Gellar Can't Do

In the 90’s, Sarah Michelle Gellar (now Sarah Michelle Prinze) was our favorite demon slayer on Buffy and the diabolical b*tch in Cruel Intentions we loved to hate. She was a girl who could save the world, make trouble, and accessorize the crap out of cross necklaces--not to mention that she also later bagged a serious 90’s babe for a hubby.

Although the days of vampire love triangles may be behind her, SMG is still totally the woman who can do it all. She’s committed to her family, she’s got her own show on CBS, The Crazy Ones, where she co-stars with TV dad Robin Williams, and she can make makeshift pads for the pup on her period. Uh, no, yeah. That’s real.

With all that going on, she still had time to answer “almost any question” posed to her by fans on Reddit. (For the record, SMG is Team Angel all the way. And so are we.) Sarah Michelle was one of our favorite teen queens 15 years ago who has flourished to become a true success story from that time. Way to be, SMG.

Wait, can we get back to the doggy maxi pad thing though? In her interview/DIY boxer-into-menstrual-pads tutorial with Conan O’Brien she explained all about how it was done to prevent her dog from bleeding all over her white house. Gross. But sweet. We stilllove you, SMG.

Image of SMG circa 2007 courtesy of


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