First World Problems: Video Compilation of People Complaining about Domino's Pizza Shows Gross Side of Humanity

Blerg. First world problems. Can't can’t share cell phone chargers with your friends because you have an iPhone 5 and they all have the 4? Kicked off of Netflix because too many people are already logged onto your account? First world problems can sometimes pop into our minds or out of our mouths before we realize just how ridiculous we sound. Embarassed giggles often ensue. But it's hard to laugh at this video of hungry people across the globe dubbed with complaints about Dominos Pizza. 

To review, Urban Dictionary defines "First World Problems" as:

Problems related to the difficulty of living in a first world country, i.e. My 7 dollar Starbucks latte came with ONE espresso shot instead of the TWO I asked for!

OK, we can live without garlic bread or extra foam on our latte for today. But you'll hear about it if it happens again!

Image courtesy of Quick Meme

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