Mind-bending Movie "Inception": So Good They're Making It Into A Board Game (Why Didn't this Happen in 2010?)

Ah, Inception. That was a great movie. Leonardo was so good. Let's put on our jeggings and talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's awesomely choreographed fight scene, Obama's first term as President, and that cute innocent lil' 16 year old pop sensation, Justin Beiber. He's going places

It's 2010, right?

It's not for sure thing yet and this is not an official Warner Brothers project, but there is a new board game based on the 2010 action/suspense/total mindf*ck film by Christopher Nolan. The game is called Inceptor. The goal is to complete your mission, all the while delving deeper into dream levels. You have to plant the idea of your mission in your mark's head without them knowing it was your idea all along. But really you're not playing the board game. You're on a plane. But the plane is in a dream. Leo's dream. You're really at the Academy Awards. OR ARE YOU?

The game's creators, Pilot Study at Kickstarter, are still in the early stages of gathering financial funding. From what we can tell, the game seems to allign pretty well with the movie, in that it is totally and completely mind boggling. But not necessarily in all the good ways. (Note: the hot movie stars are conscipuously missing from Inceptor.)

Kickstarter and company, we wish you well and hope you reach your goal of $30,000 before the back of the van hits the water and we all wake up. P.S.: this game would have been totally cool four years ago when the movie was still fresh in our minds. Then again, maybe this isn't even real and it's all just an elaborate dream. Someone see if the top is still spinning!





Image: commons.wikimedia.org

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