Why You Won't Catch Me Wearing The Two-Tone Makeup Trend

image credit: Sephora.com

image credit: Sephora.com

So, apparently THIS is a beauty trend now. Take a good look at the picture and firmly grasp what is being promoted here. To me, there are so many things wrong with this (don’t worry, I’m going to share my totally unsolicited thoughts below), but first, this is truly making me question the word “trend” and how it applies to this. A trend refers to something that is in style, something that we see whenever we are out and about, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this anywhere but the runway. This is something that I ponder whenever I sit here writing about this being an emerging beauty trend, as it’s truly more like something that we pass by and immediately give an eye roll. If that’s not good enough a reason, here’s more about why you won’t catch me wearing the two-tone makeup trend.

1. I wear makeup to look and feel beautiful. 

This is the main point, right? Whenever I am following a new makeup trend, it is merely because I think it’s something that will enhance my appearance and look beautiful on me, not transform me into someone that looks like they had been yearning to try out every color in the crayon box, so they just tried them all at the same time. Not cool. 

2. Last time I checked, I wasn’t a clown. 

Personally, I’m not someone who puts makeup on to cause a scene, but to feel good about myself. I have absolutely no desire to apply something to my lips or eyes each morning that is going to cause people to laugh as I walk down the street. I would much rather have people laughing with me instead of at me. 

3. I don’t have trouble making decisions. 

Don’t you think that this “trend” looks like the person wearing it woke up and just couldn’t decide on what color to wear — so she wore them all? I mean, color blocking is a great trend, but not meant to be worn on the lips. I am a very assertive person, I know what I want in life, and it doesn’t include a multi-colored sections of my face. Pass. 

4. It’s not actually wearable. 

There simply isn’t a place for this in real life, as with many runway trends. Just like we need to pick our battles in life carefully in order to live happily, we need to choose the runway trends that we indulge in with thought and pause before jumping head in. This may look cool on the catwalk, under the right lighting, but it’s just not conducive to everyday life. 

What do you think? Would you wear the two-tone makeup trend this fall?

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