10 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

You're on your own here.

You're on your own here.

You would never reuse your dirty washcloth, would you?

We always think that we are doing good by our skin. We read the magazines, follow “the rules,” drink lots of water, and change our pillowcases frequently. But there are also many things that are published in huge publications, or advice that has been passed down from our grandmother that is actually doing more harm than good. 

1. Sleeping In Your Makeup. 

We all fall victim to this from time to time, especially after a big night out — but don’t let it become regular! Sleeping with your makeup on not only allows all the dirt from the day to seep into your pores, but your makeup, too.

2. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes. 

You would never reuse your dirty washcloth, would you? Make sure that your makeup brushes are getting the same care! Sephora sells an amazing and inexpensive brush shampoo that will take five minutes of your time to rinse all that dirt and grime from your brushes once a week. You can spare five minutes, can’t you?

3. Not Cleaning Out Our Makeup Bags. 

Too often we forget that most makeup has about a six-month shelf life. Make sure that at least twice a year you are getting rid of unused or old makeup — even your eyeshadow, as these are laden with bacteria.

4. Skipping Primer.

Primer is what locks your makeup in place and keeps it from smearing. Don’t forget to use it! Since primer locks everything in place, it keeps you from re-applying extra, unnecessary layers throughout the day. 

5. Forgetting To Set Your Concealer/Foundation.

If you don’t set your concealer and foundation with a little powder after it’s applied, it will slowly disappear. 

6. Not Washing Your Face Every Night.

Even if you didn’t wear makeup all day, your face still gets dirty and needs to be cleansed before lying down on your pillowcase. 

7. Skipping Those Eight Glasses.

Water helps our bodies function in so many different ways — one of them is aiding in great skincare. Make sure you are getting all eight glasses in each day and you will see your glow peek through!

8. Passing On Sunscreen.

We’re not children anymore, and it is essential that we wear sunscreen every day (even in the winter months). Make sure that you choose a moisturizer that you put on each morning that has at least SPF 30 in it, and lather it all over your face, neck, and chest — and then everywhere if you will be out in the sun all day. 

9. Not Exfoliating Regularly. 

For some reason, the thought of exfoliating has left us with the assumption that it should happen during our once-a-year spa day — not so! We have dead skin that is shedding all the time, and we must exfoliate our faces and bodies on a regular basis to get rid of it. 

10. Not Conditioning Your Hair.

I used to think that since I had thin hair that was grease prone, that I could skip the conditioner. In actuality, skipping the conditioner was making it greasy in the first place. No matter what hair type you have, moisturize those locks at least every other day!

Have you been making any of these beauty mistakes?

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