On Politics, Sadness, And Kittens: A Letter From The Editor

My Dear Ravishers,

The world is a shitshow.

No, seriously.

Our upcoming presidential election has become a source of stress and anxiety for America, add to that every country watching America make a fool of itself. We are seeing history unfold in a most devastating way, and it’s leaving no one untouched.

Ravishly is built on the principle that in life there is suffering, and suffering is most easily endured when endured in solidarity.

Life is better when you’re not alone.

While we don’t turn our backs on the concerns facing us during this season, we acknowledge that there is only so much we can do before we have run out of emotional energy — until we have no spoons left.

We cannot give to others if we have not given to ourselves.

We cannot give to ourselves if we don’t sometimes walk away from the things that give us nightmares (e.g. Donald Trump lurking behind us. Warning: scary footage of Donald Trump actually lurking).

The Ravishly team will soon be sending our existing newsletter subscribers (and any new subscribers!) a short book we’ve put together to help you get through this election, and life.

Ravishly will take the high road.

You’ll be seeing some election coverage (including a politically themed week coming up), but you’ll be seeing it in an informative and positive light. Besides election coverage, you’ll be seeing kittens and puppies and polar bears and little babies. We bring you these moments of joy, not because we think you can’t handle the cold, hard truth of adulthood, but because sometimes the cold hard truth of adulthood is just too much.

Your editor in solidarity,

xo - Joni

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