John Oliver's Non-Tribute To 2016 = Post-Election Catharsis

(Image Credit: By TechCrunch via Wikimedia Commons)

(Image Credit: By TechCrunch via Wikimedia Commons)

If you're one of the seven people in the universe who foresaw Donald Trump's victory and were prepared for the events that went down — can it be just one week ago? — then, congratulations to you. You're miles ahead of the rest of us, who may (definitely) find ourselves continuing to reel at the prospect of Trump as POTUS.

It's like living through an alien invasion, or the sudden reappearance of stirrup pants with a body suit as acceptable casual wear for the up and coming adult. How does one process it? In stages, I suppose. 

And John Oliver has moved past the shock so apparent on most late-night hosts' faces. In fairness to them, they were obliged to come on air and say something just 24 hours post-election. And that had to be hard... again, orienting oneself around a new, wholly disruptive, probably awful reality takes some time...

Oliver had the gift of a full five days to pull himself together and put on a show to help all of us cope. And help all of us cope, he did.

So if you're feeling like 2016 let you down, take a moment (well, thirty or so minutes, to be precise), and watch Oliver tell 2016 exactly where it can go. 

You'll leave feeling better, if only from the reminder that if you're struggling with the election results, you are most certainly not alone. 

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