The Pentatonix Sing Hallelujah, And I Sob Like A Baby

image credit: Pentatonix YouTube

image credit: Pentatonix YouTube

My oldest kid text messaged me at 4:39 PM, "Go watch Pentatonix, "Hallelujah." Now." It's 4:44 PM.

That is how important this video is. I need to tell you about it RIGHT NOW. In case you aren't familiar with Pentatonix, I'm sorry you've been living in a village or the Appalachian Mountains where there is no YouTube.

So the Pentatonix, for you village folks, sing acapella. That means without instruments (or something close). Which means all the sounds you hear in the songs are from their mouths and when you hear them sing you will understand what a GIFT FROM HEAVEN these people are. 

They've got a new Christmas album out, and it is guaranteed to make you sob and/or snot snort. Buy it here. Don't steal it. That's mean and these people are trying to make a living. 

Here is the video. It only has 10.6 MILLION views, so it's barely even popular.

YOU'RE WELCOME. I'm here to keep you on the cutting edge of pop culture news.



Sorry about the weeping. And thank god for 21-year-old daughters who pay attention to pop culture-y things. 

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