Fiona Tapp

Fiona Tapp


Fiona Tapp is a freelance writer and educator. Her work has been featured on The Washington Post, New York Post, HuffPost, Brides, SheKnows, and, among many others. She is an expert in the field of Pedagogy, a teacher of 13 years, and Master’s degree holder in Education. She writes about a variety of topics including parenting, education, and travel, as well as feminist perspectives and personal opinion pieces. Fiona is a Brit abroad and when she's not writing, she enjoys thunderstorms and making play dough cars with her toddler.

Fiona Tapp Articles

The first thing he said with a big smile was, “These aren't dolls, they are real people!” (Image courtesy of the author.)

Bye Bye, Barbie: Giving My Son Dolls That Look Like Actual People

I'm giving my son dolls that look like actual people. He has no idea that they are revolutionary or how different they are from the dolls I grew up with.

Yes, it’s true, I wear crocs.

Confessions Of A Croc Wearer

Recently it came to my attention, by way of my dear other half, that one item in my wardrobe was infinitely worse than sweatpants. Yes, it’s true, I wear crocs

It took quite a few years before a kiss felt worthy of movie magic for me and I am still waiting to be danced into bed. (Image Credit: Instagram/wolvicity)

The Movies Lied To Me

Every John Hughes movie seemed to feature a pair of diamond earrings being gifted to the heroine or shared with the bad boy, like Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club. I failed to realize that I wasn't exactly in the same demographic as these rich valley girls and there aren't too many teenage boys in the East End of London with diamond buying money to burn... and if there are you should probably give them a wide berth. Drug dealer alert!

Sometimes it’s refreshing and vital to remember that our bodies have other roles. (Photo courtesy of the author.)

Getting In Touch With My Body Through Mermaid Lessons

When we heard that mermaid classes were coming to our local pool, we knew we had to try it out.