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Lover and explorer of life, interestingness, adventure and alliteration.

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The Triumphs (And Humiliations) Of My First Ultramarathon

I discovered the mouthpieces of my water bottles were filled with mold, the race organizers were assholes, and I was tired and needed to pee.

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How I Found Sexual Empowerment After Rape

The key to moving on came years later, having been within my reach the entire time: simply acknowledging that I am a sexual being.

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What Happened When I Found My First Gray Hair

I always expected my intro to grey hair would be filled with a kind of resigned sadness, if not despair. Spoiler alert: It wasn't.

Be proud, no ifs, ands, or buts!

Why We Have To Stop Commiserating And Start Sharing Our Strengths

It's a common dynamic: Casual conversation among women often defaults into shared commiseration and subtle self-deprecation. "How are you?" is abbreviated into "What's hard/wrong," and sharing strength and joy is subconsciously reigned in to avoid ruffled feathers and social ostracization.