Mary Kate Miller

Mary Kate Miller


Mary Kate Miller is a writer and comedian living in Chicago, IL. She is a regular contributor at Hello Giggles and Her funny words can be found at Reductress and The Establishment. Follow her on Twitter @MKnotfunny for funny stuff and strong opinions about The Real Housewives. 

Mary Kate Miller Articles

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I Got HPV Because I Couldn't Have The Vaccine

I got my first three-letter disease as a result of a sinus infection. There was no way to know. No way to prevent it. I got my second three-letter disease from a man that I loved at the time. There was a way to prevent it. It’s called herd immunity.

"Her minuscule pot brownies made her feel conspiratorial. It gave her a sense of scandal and intrigue that she cherished."

Medical-Ish Pot & My 84-Year-Old Grandma

When my grandmother, who I called Gram, came to live with my parents in the fall of 2015, she was in rough shape — you know, the way that you expec

"I feel more at home in my own skin, like I have less to hide. I walk through knowing that my body, and all of our bodies, are just as they should be."

Getting Naked With My Friends Was The Most Body Positive Experience of My Life

I told myself that I was not freaked out. I was not a prude. The truth was I was very freaked out. Yet, getting naked with my friends was so body positive.

Being naked feels so good that I half expect it to show up as the latest Gwenyth Paltrow-backed panacea on Goop.

Whenever I Hate My Body, I Get Naked

Some days I feel like a Botticelli, some days I feel like a sexy, dumpy baby. Even when I am naked, my frame of reference is limited. I have not seen too many positive, mainstream depictions of bodies like mine.

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My Catholic Father Uses Our Spiritual Differences To "Keep Me In Line"

The through line of my life has been the tension caused by my father believing that I should “fall in line” and defer to his patriarchal authority. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ways that he cannot tolerate our spiritual differences.


The Worst Part Of Moving Is The Anxiety It Causes

In the past 13 years, I have moved 11 times.