Sarah Cottrell


Sarah Cottrell is an award-winning freelance writer and voice behind Housewife Plus at the Bangor Daily News in Bangor, Maine. Her work has appeared in many places online, but recently you can find Sarah on Babble, Momtastic, VICE Tonic, NPR, Washington Post, and New York Magazine's The Science of Us.   

Sarah Cottrell Articles

I’m not entirely sure how we landed here in this space of passionless kisses.

My Husband And I Don’t French Kiss Anymore 

It has been more than a decade into my marriage. At this point, a basic French kiss would feel awkward and perhaps even scandalous.

An as of yet unknown group has sent a disturbing racist postcard to residents warning of Asians “taking over” Edison. (Image: YouTube/ Zevo News)

Racist Postcard Targets 2 POC School Board Candidates

Some backward thinking people seem to think that being racist is the same as being Patriotic. A racist postcard was sent out targeting two board candidates.

Help families this holiday season by thinking ut-of-the-box!

7 Ways (Other Than Food And Toy Drives) To Help Families This Holiday Season 

If you are looking for a few out-of-the-box ideas (think no toy drives or food) to help families this holiday season then this list is for you.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

When Married Sex Gets Stale 

When my husband and I talk about our sex life, we tend to be forgiving and rely on humor to describe our current state of being - married sex.