Susie B. Cross

Susie B. Cross


Susie b Cross, now well for two+ years (¡HUZZAH!), can do, pretty much, all the things she used to before that dirty bitch depression tried to take her down. You can read more of her writing (some serious, some not at all) on FB under Susie Bonzo.

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Stop Thinking You Understand Depression

Mild depression (more familiar to the masses than its more severe form) is like being relentlessly cold; MDD is like having extreme frostbite.

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Carpool Purgatory

When you sign up to shuttle a collection of teen males, it is difficult to anticipate the consequences of the covenant you have blindly entered.

It’s mama’s turn to break some shit.

There Are 10,000 Acceptable Reasons To Throw A Mom Tantrum; Here Are 5

Your meltdowns never made any damn sense. They were the product of your immature squirrel brain. My mama freakouts, on the other hand, make hella sense.